City & Nature

Photographic accordion book.

Spring, 2022

Inspired by an intense love for Golden Gate Park, I designed an 18-page accordion book of photographic abstractions following the journey between spaces from hyper-industrialized to simply natural.

I designed a book exploring the path from Lower Haight to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. When I began photographing the path and spaces, I knew that I wanted to craft a project which highlights textures, colors, and patterns. When I walk through a space, I often miss the greater larger aspects of the environment. However, I find myself fascinated by the small details and textures that hide away. I knew that I wanted my project to emphasize the ways I personally see the world, and shed light on the small beauties that so often go missed. With that in mind, I began exploring the interactions of light and color between the different photographs I took. I decided that my unifying theme should focus on urbanized vs. natural to represent the dichotomy of experiences of the path from an urban neighborhood, Lower Haight, to a spectacle of nature, Golden Gate Park.

As you page through my book, you feel a sense of microscopic detail and disturbed atmosphere. When you begin the journey, the images are primarily nature-focused with small touches of an urban environment warping the organic atmosphere. As you continue through, the pages become even more disturbed and displaced by the urban elements shining through until the urban elements have overpowered the natural ones. This represents the transition out of the isolated natural space, Golden Gate Park, into the exuberant urban space, Lower Haight.

City & Nature