Menstruation Monthly

Magazine design centered on making information on periods accessible.

Spring, 2022.

Menstruation Monthly was born out of my desire to create a branding style with the power to make the topic of periods, vaginas, and all of the nitty gritty between the two more accessible.

I went to an all-girls high-school and admittedly can be a bit socially obtuse. Because of this I was surprised to notice just how genuinely uncomfortable people can be at the mere mention of periods and menstruation. I think there are probably many reasons for this, but the most graphic one may be the imagery that is associated with periods (if one has imagery to associate with them at all). So I tasked myself with creating a magazine branding and issue design which fulfills three requirements: 

1. a whimsical and inviting feel 
2. gender neutrality
3. accessibility across age groups (never too late to learn!)

The end result is a retro-vibes, illustration-based magazine full of uniquely-beautiful icons and patterns. Bask in the cuteness!

Menstruation Monthly