Website, fully coded in responsive HTML/CSS, as well as complete branding, merchandize, and zine for event.

Fall, 2021

For a website design project, I was challenged to fully design an event which focused on an issue of my choice. I decided to focus on mental illness, thus Sick! was born.

Sick! is an annual three day festival in celebration of the community of people experiencing mental illness. As the name suggests, this event aims to recognize the reality of mental illness as an illness while also providing a space for those impacted to let loose, connect, and have fun surrounded by peers! Sick! includes celebrations, relaxation, and fun workshops put on by peers and experts. Our primary goal for this event is to raise funds to place trained therapists in public schools, starting locally. This year, the event will be held from Friday December 10th until Sunday the 12th at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco California.

In forming Sick!, I developed a style guide for the event, merchandize, an event calendar and corresponding workshops, and a fully functioning and responsive multi-page website using HTML/CSS. Please enjoy.