Denim Day Community Installation

Public installation made from denim, paper, and ribbon

Spring, 2022

In April 2022, as the culmination of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I was asked to design and install an interactive art-piece in observation of Denim Day presented in Gleeson Library at the University of San Francisco.

read some of our pledges

For this installation, I was asked to make something that required attention and participation that acknowledged Denim Day, but went beyond wearing jeans. The final display is a tapestry of denim, tied together with torn denim strips. This display calls participants to make a personal pledge to the community to fight against sexual assault and violence. Once they’ve written their pledge, they can remove a strip of torn denim from the tapestry and replace it with their written pledge. Having received dozens of responses, the installation takes its final form as a deep blue denim tapestry, configured together by ribbons of denim and handwritten pledges.

I pledge to respect all others bodies especially women. I pledge to believe survivors and listen to their stories.

I pledge to be there for any of my friends that ever go through this. We fight together!

I pledge to be a part of the cultural change against sexual violence and to give my love, support, and empathy to survivors of any sexual misconduct.

I pledge to create a space in which you are held in kindness and support. I pledge to fighting for a world where sexual violence and its perpetrators are not normalized or brushed over. It was never your fault, and surviving is an ongoing process. I pledge to contributing to a community that recognizes the strength and force in becoming out of that given moment and beyond its grip.

I pledge to recognize my own complicit in supporting the culture with sexual misconduct is likely and to do better.

I pledge to be an advocate for consent and justice in public and private spaces.

I pledge to stand in solidarity with sexual assault survivors, give them a safe space to heal, and support them during their journey to healing. I pledge to advocate for their justices to be served, and hold their sexual assault perpetrators accountable.

I pledge to be there for those who cannot speak out or defend themselves. You deserve to be safe.

I pledge to make sure my friends are safe at parties.

I pledge to actively participate in dismantling rape culture and working to foster a safe and inclusive campus environment.

I pledge to never be tolerant, to never look away because it’s “none of my business”. I will not be passive.

I pledge to always be there for my fellow women, to always have their back, to support them in any way I can and defend the victim when needed. I also pledge to bring awareness to anyone who needs the lesson/education. It’s never the victim’s fault! #metoo

I pledge to always ask for consent to peoples bodies. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their temple.

I pledge not to give up my recovery from what happened. I won’t be self-destructive even if that feels like the most natural thing to do afterwards. I pledge should be there for others the way the people in charge weren’t here for me.

I pledge to not only be a friend and supporter, but a beacon of light to help guide others.

I pledge to amplify survivor voices and create a space for self sharing. I pledge to hold the world around me accountable and to stay committed to the fight to end sexual assault and violence.

I pledge to teach my daughter to respect others bodies and know to respect her own.

I pledge to encourage survivors to speak up and always support their choices!

I pledge to be someone that others can confide in about their experiences.

I pledge to stand in solidarity with survivors, to believe in their stories, support their choices and always say some thing. #metoo

I pledge to listen and believe survivors. I will ensure that I hold myself and others accountable for their actions. To treat people with respect and respect their boundaries.

I pledge to listen before I speak when talking about sexual assault and I push to be a good support system to those that choose to share.

I pledge to be a voice for my trans siblings and always be there to support and defend them <3

I pledge to be someone that others can confide in about their experiences.

I pledge to use my power and privilege to help those who need help. I pledge to be an ally who takes action and who stands in solidarity with others.

I pledge to support survivors in whatever capacity I am needed. I pledge to listen when you need to be heard. I pledge to give you a safe space even if it is been taken from you. I promise to always validate your experiences while honoring your strength. I pledge to call out the institutions and individuals that condone rape culture. I promise to believe you, fight for you, and foster respectful communities because you deserve to feel safe.

I pledge to make sure I never stand by and allow someone to be assaulted when I could stop it with my intervention.

I pledge to speak up for survivors and stand behind them!!!

I pledge to always believe and support survivors of sexual assault, not just with words but with meaningful action.

I pledge to support survivors of sexual assault, to educate my daughter and others about consent, and to have others respect their bodies. I support all activities that prevent sexual assault. #metoo

I pledge to support survivors of sexual misconduct I listening to and believing survivors.

I pledge to support organizations and resources which put an end to complacency in the face of sexual violence.

I hope I pledge to be a good friend with open ears who my friends feel comfortable around to share their experiences.

I pledge to listen to my friends, family, and peers who feel comfortable sharing their experiences with me.

I vowed to stand firm within my own capacity. My no is not a maybe. My no is not an invitation to coerce me. My no is final and I will follow through with what I know I want to.

I pledge to see, hear, and believe all survivors. I pledge to speak up for those who cannot and hold leadership accountable.

I pledge to call the homies out on their “jokes,” comments, and the other behaviors that perpetuate sexual assault/sexual violence and the culture surrounding it.

I pledge to always defend your right to bodily autonomy and support your right to justice and healing. You are not alone, you are not spoiled, and it was not your fault.

I pledge to keep telling my story of surviving sexual assault, so that the other survivors who hear it feel less alone.

I pledge to…—always believe survivors—to give survivors my full support—stand up against sexual violence—hold others accountable—never be silent. You are not alone.

Solidarity Tapestry for Denim Day