I am currently working as the Executive Project Assistant to humanitarian, entrepreneur, and designer, Yolanda Faye. My work experience is made up of equal parts:


graphic design (my heart)


marketing & social media (my mind)


administrative support (my perfectionism)


The Whole Package

*my soul isn’t for sale at this time, thank you for your inquiry.

Being a designer fills me with life and I give back to the craft by putting my all into everything I do. I have a breadth of work spanning from art installations to branding to web design, and most things in-between. I find inspiration in all the little things and count my blessings that I didn’t miss them. I seek out opportunities and positions based on curiosity and drive. The more I learn about something, the more I am driven to explore it and challenge my own abilities. I have a passion for blending research and creativity, and find fulfillment in problem-solving. Over the last year, I have embraced the power of storytelling and marketing and chose to pivot into that space, inspired by its ability to make a mission a reality.

I seek projects that allow me to learn, grow, and leave the world a better place than the one I tripped into.